FiF 2020 – a hybrid festival Due to the restrictions and insecurity following the corona crisis, we had to create a different kind of festival this year. Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and our audiences, for making FiF 2020 a special event.

A virtual visit to FiF 2020

Some of this years highlights:

Keepers nest

Fossekleiva Kultursenter, Bergerveien 2b
3075 Berger, Norge
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Judith Hope (UK) 'One for sorrow, two for joy…' Encounter two giant magpie puppets as they stalk the streets in their rickety, ramshackle nests, seeking out your darkest secrets. Step…

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03 October 2020 12:00 - 13:00

The Little Big Journey

Fossekleiva Kultursenter, Bergerveien 2b
3075 Berger, Norge
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Kr. 150

Open Window theatre (Norway) For children aged 1–4 and their close adults. A big balloon, flying high into the sky, higher and higher to the moon and stars. Together with…

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08 October 2020 10:00 - 10:30


Program overview

1. october
@11.00–14.00: Fossekleiva for kids

3. october
@ 12.00: Keepers nests (outdoor)

4. october
@13.00–15.00: Fossekleiva for kids

7. october
@11.00–14.00: Fossekleiva for kids

4.–9. october
Winged creatures – Masterclass (sold out)

8. october
@10.00 and @12.00: Thee little big journey with Open Window Theatre (sold out)

10. october
@11.00–18.00: Vision Mechanics, Damúza, Jordi Bertrand, Mark Mander and A Tarumba – 5 film rooms showing short videos
@11.00–18.00: From Clementine’s wardrobe– fashion exhibition
@11.00–18.00: Winged creatures – exhibition
@12.00: Keepers nests (outdoor)
@15.00: Keepers nests (outdoor)
@17.00: The fantastic life of Minnie Rubiniski – live stream presentation with Vision Mechanics
@17.30: Cie La Pendue – 25 minute live streamed concert from Paris
@18.00: Live concert featuring Harpreet Bansal with band
@19.30: Figures around the lake. The lights come on. Barbecue and bonfire.

14.–23.october 365 Penguins with Open Window Theatre s(old out) and shadow puppet workshops for primary schools around Drammen kommune

FiF 2020 in collaboration with An extended Europe, DKS Drammen and Arrangement og Aktiv fritid Drammen kommune