Conchas, Marionetas de Mandragora (PT)


Join Marionetas de Mandragora from Portugal in their exploration of sea and shore in this show for the youngest children.

The inspiration for this project is the universe of the sea, as it is an element common to Portugal and Norway. Both have a strong relationship with the sea, and the people of both have some temperamental traits resulting from homesickness as well as having their loved ones far away at sea and in dangerous waters. Exploring the contexts of the sea and on land, its activities, objects, colors, shapes, popular stories, elements of nature, sounds, movements, gestures and body language (animals and humans) has created a performance that can give an experience of multisensory art to children, and also to adults who accompany them.

Duration approx. 30 minutes. No words.

Performers: Ricardo Falcao og Clara Ribeiro

Director: Filipa Mesquita

Design: EnVide NeFilebata

Music: Ricardo Falcao

Production by Marionetas de Mandragora and d’Orfeu i n collaboration with Aarflot productions.