Have you ever wanted to invent a world of your own, that belonged just to you?

A long timeago, people called “spinners” made wool fabric with old-fashioned machines like a spinningwheel and a loom. In Adormecida (Asleep), two spinners escape their boring work by making upa world that exists in an imaginary box, under a tree of wool that is home to lots of funny andfantastic animals!

“Adormecida” is a puppet theatre project created for the European Capital of Culture, 2012 in Portugal, Guimarães. It is a show that makes us think of the precarious balance between the countryside and the city, that without one the other is incomplete. It is a show that tells the stories of women who make the wool. It is also a story of a life that is born to be free.This story is based on various legends, myths and tales, involving the wool and the spinners, traditions and paths of the contemporary Portuguese puppet theatre.”

Without words.

Songs sung i Portuguese.

Duration: 50 minutes.

From the age of 4 and up.

Performers: Clara Ribeiro and Filipa Mesquita

Coproduced with Casa de La, Guimaraes 2012 Capital of culture and Limite Zero.