Grey old men play with matchsticks

Grey old men play with matchsticks

H C Andersen’s tale The little girl with the matchsticks is recreated in a humourous and original way in this show, saturated with madness and playfulness.

H C Andersen’s tale is about the little poor girl selling matchsticks in the cold on New Year’s eve. Nobody wants to buy them.

In this show, the puppeteer, Tessa, is about to perform the story but her audience is being delayed by the juggler performing outside her theatre entrance.

There is conflict to begin with, but gradually the two embark on a joint venture. The children in the audience is included in the project to save the little girl in the story.

Old grey men is a whole collection of small, grey men – and lately also some women, all created by Jon Mihle. The small grey have come to life in little videos and impro work. In 2009 they had their first full length show, and ever since the family has grown to meet the demand for small grey creatures. The grey old men have their own website: www.grå

Script: H C Andersen and Anne Helgesen

Director: Anne Helgesen

Puppet- and maskmaker: Jon Mihle

Performers: Tessa Lepistö and Erlend Tveite

Performing technician: Daniel Sørdalen

Producer: Ingelin Skagen

The show lasts for 45 minutes