Masterclass – enVide neFelibata (Portugal)

Masterclass i dukkemakeri. Viser maske av mann med åpen munn :foto

enVide neFelibata (Portugal)

Unconventional puppet baking

The masterclass will be held in English.

A cheat sheet will be given with tools and materials translations (Portuguese/English/Norwegian)

enVide neFelibata has built puppets since 1998 and is one of the Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágorá puppet company founders, and the main art director.

As an artist he explores the desecration of art and goes into collaborations with other fellow artists. The randomness is also a major factor of his own personal work.

At this masterclass we’ll be able to see some of Mandrágora’s artwork and learn about the procedures used to achieve such results. Every tiny detail on the HOW TO will be revealed and some practical experimentation will be made. Unconventional methods will be the main subject as well as low budget materials and tools versus the higher quality ones.

Mistakes happen. Allow mistakes when you are testing and learning and then bring those to your studio and call them techniques.

For professional artists and students