The Japanese garden

The Japanese garden

An adventure filled with images and dance, inspired by the beauty of the Japanese garden. This garden is a miniature world with a very special history. It was created by the young girl Shiro, who once left her village and embarked on the long journey towards the sea. Upon returning she could not find the words to describe what she had seen on the way. She started telling her amazing story through the creation of the garden.

The performance begins with a short storytelling that transforms to a dance, and soon becomes an exploration of the garden. The garden itself is recreated through projections on a magic floor that is touch sensitive. The child audience is invited to join the journey through the garden alongside the performers, and get to jump fro leaf to leaf floating on a lake and ride the waves in the sea.

For children from 5 years and up.

Duration: 55 minutes

Director: Davide Venturini

Dancers/actors: Simone Thiis and Alexandra Tveit

Technicians: Niccolo Gallio and Davide Nocentini