Fra forestillingen Garage med Circa Teater. Viser to menn og store tannhjul :foto

Welcome to the garage! This is where we fix things.
We restore, organize and structure. Or don’t we?

In a dirty and crammed workshop, two fixers – with an urge to always improve and develop – spend their days exploring the potential in an enormous collection of motors and mechanical bits and pieces. They investigate their way into a huge construction that keeps growing in both size and complexity, until the construction itself takes over the whole workshop. Now, who’s in control? Garage is a humorous investigation of creativity and the ever-lasting belief in progress.

Indoor theatre for children and adults from 10 years.

Duration: about 50 minutes.

Composer: Martin Smidt / Director: Espen Dekko / Set design: Gilles Berger / Choreography consultant: Silje Michaele Kvalheim / Costumes: Jenny Hilmo Teig /Illustrator: Ina Sæther berger / Actors: Gilles Berger and Paal Viken Bakke / Producer: Monica Stendahl Rokne

Cirka Teater is one of the most experienced theatre companies on the Norwegian performing art scene. Our repertoire ranges from small, intimate performances to stunning outdoor spectacles and main stage productions – usually recognized by a rich visual theatrical language.

Anne Marit Sæther and Gilles Berger founded Cirka Teater in 1984. More than 30 years – and some 40 theatre productions later – the size of our team varies from 3-4 persons on smaller touring productions to dozens of artists involved in full size productions. In all projects, big or small, we work with contemporary composers in parallel development of musical and visual expressions.