Fra musikkteaterforestilling: Hurrahølet. Viser person med rallarhatt og bart :foto


Make yourself ready for a tragic-comical music-theatre, about the hard lives of immigrant railroad laborers, living on the edge of the established society in Norway. About camaraderie and love, the lust for adventure, hard labor and an endless amount of work related accidents.

“Hurrahølet” translates to “The hole of joy” and is an actual geographical site in Askim, Norway. Although the place today is merely a memory, it used to be a tavern, a haven and a mental sanctuary for the workers who migrated to Norway during the development of the nations railways and hydro powerplants in the early 1900- century. In “Hurrahølet”, the workers would gather up between shifts, to drink, sing and simply letting go.

On stage we find two performers, accompanied by a guitar, harmonica, some dynamite and a puppet. They describe the performance as a melting pot, where Monthy Python meets Twin Peaks.

The production is a collaboration between Kompani ITS and Østfold Kulturutvikling, with financial support from Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere.

Duration: 1 hour

Best suited for teenagers and adults

Director: Kompani ITS
Writer: Tiril Pharo
Composer/lyrics: Isak Anderssen
Choreographer: Sigrid Edvardsson
Lighting designer : Inger Johanne Byhring
Puppet maker: Monica Marcella
Photographer : Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

Technical coordinator : Bjørn Gunnar Otten / Østfold
Producer : Rudi Skotheim Jensen / Østfold