Yet another fleeting hour

Yet another fleeting hour

In an abandoned space, possibly a shore, three cases pull in from who knows where. Three characters get out whose gestures are odd, to say the least. Their language is music at first, music made up of words lacking sense, sentences devoid of meaning.

With the aid of an imaginary map and a few planks, they set out now transformed into veritable adventurers of lost time. Their expedition leads them within sight of another real world. Innocent before vestiges of computer technology, like children they get drawn into playing “office”.

But the pace quickens, the machines crackle and the clamor swells up ; submerged in a sonorous space and perched upon a makeshift raft, they seem to be expecting an imminent end. Suddenly, a woman’s voice beckons them to a distant world, strange, inaccessible perhaps… From there, each one in his own way will see the end to his wandering and no one will know whether their voyage is our own…

Staged by Claire Heggen

Music by Georges Aperghis

Produced by La Mecanica and Theatre du Mouvement

Yet another fleeting hour

Yet another fleeting hour

Forestillingen som tar saksbehandling til nye høyder!

Ingen ord, men mye ordløst språk.

Humoristisk og lekent fysisk teater du sent vil glemme!

Regi: Claire Heggen

Musikk: Georges Aperghis

Produsert av La Mecanica og Theatre du Mouvement

Billettpris kr.200,-/100,-

La Mecanica (ES) 13 oktober kl. 18.00