Birder. Forestilling med musikk, teater og installasjoner. Viser person foran installasjon :foto


– Since time immemorial, the future has been predicted by studying birds.

Birder is an interactive audiovisual installation performance for anyone aged 6 and over. It is a blend of visual art, theatre and music.

Birder is a high-tech device for breeding birds and a futuristic sound box. Each species of bird propagates a vision for the future. Together they play the music of the future.

Concept and scenography Bram Rombouts and Sara Dandois
Music Aarich Jespers
Performers Aarich Jespers and Bram Rombouts
Construction bird species Bram Rombouts, Maarten Janssens, Stéphanie Janssens, Paul Delissen, Samuel Verdonck, Manu Siebens, Sara Dandois
Graphic design and video Inge Kerfs
Light design Britt De Jonghe
Thanks to Gideon Hakker, Iris Carta, Silke Melis

Performance is shown in Ebbestadhallen.

Free festival bus from Fossekleiva at 15.30, with return to Fossekleiva after the show.

Children for free

Rooftop tiger (BE) 11 oktober kl. 11.00 (utsolgt) og 12 oktober kl. 16.00 i Ebbestadhallen.