Fra Joe 5, Duda Paiva Company. Viser person med romdrakt og en ape :foto

Joe 5

Earth changes rapidly. We enter an era where time, space and communication have other meanings and in which other lifeforms flourish. What is now, could be gone tomorrow. What once was science fiction, is now a probable reality. Somewhere in this chaotic universe, you can find Joe 5. This neohuman and explorer has a task to save the last of human kind, throughout the infinite universe. One day he receives a distress call, urging him to set out for Mars.

Unknown creatures try to connect with him during his travels. What do they want and where are the people in need? When Joe finally meets the one who tried to reach him, nothing is what he could have imagined.

In JOE 5 Duda Paiva Company creates a vision for the future. What is the influence of our destructive nature on the rest of the universe? Is there a common future or has everything changed so much that there is no place left for who we are and how we think? Are we capable of understanding each other? Curious about unknown entities and mankind’s options in a changed world, Duda Paiva invited the dancers Ilija Surla and Josse Vessies and visual artists STMSND to create a vision on the future in this new solo.

Idea and direction – Duda Paiva

Dramaturgy – Kim Kooiman

Performance – Josse Vessies

Puppets – André Mello and Duda Paiva

Visuals, light, sound and interactivity – STMSND (Daniel Patijn, Mark Verhoef en Wilco Alkema:

Publicity images – Studio Matusiak

Coproduction Nordland Visual / Stamsund (NO)
Fonds Podiumkunsten / Gemeente Amersfoort (NL)