Why Fossekleiva arts centre in Berger, Vestfold?

Fossekleiva art centre (FAC) is the arts hub of Svelvik.

FAC seeks to have a close relationship with the local audience, be of regional importance and national interest.

FAC engages regularily in international collaborative projects that brings the world to Berger and Berger out into the world.

FAC is a producing and presenting venue for the arts within a variety of genres, including visual arts, and performing arts. Throughout a season FAC presents sculpture, painting, dance, music, video art, theatre and design.

FAC invites professional artists to residencies through the Artist in residency project.

FAC focuses on communicating arts through weekly arts workshops for children (Fossekleiva for kids), workshops for professionals, work in progress shows, lectures and artist talks.

Puppetry is by nature a crossover art form – combing sculpture, visual art, voice, music and movement. The performers, the puppets, are by nature dead and therefore a metaphor for real life. Hence the visual part, the choice of material, is as important as the story itself. Many prominent puppet artists come from sculpture and fine arts (e.g. Kari Noreger, Adrian Kohler, Basil Jones). Because of this strong relationship between puppetry and fine arts we offer masterclasses for artists who want to widen their repertory.

FiF is a natural part of FACs cross disiplinary profile, and shows how we seek to connect and build bridges netween the various artistic practices.